Harry Potter Wedding Shower


We have always loved a good challenge, so when our sister Madeline told us she wanted a Harry Potter themed wedding shower we jumped at the chance. We then had to sit down and figure out how to make that happen. As an avid Harry Potter fan, our sister wanted all of the little details that make the Harry Potter series so magical, but wasn’t sure how to turn those ideas into reality.We put together some of our favorite ideas, got a lot of feedback from Maddie, and went to work. We truly enjoyed making this a magical and  memorable day for our sister.


Sorting Hat Table – people were sorted into houses as they arrived.


Succulents (in coordinating house colors) acted as table decorations/place cards/and shower gifts.


The custom sign we made for “The Three Broomsticks” Bar (the established date was the wedding date). We served homemade butterbeer to guests.


The head table for the bridal party. Winners of the shower games received house points.


Hufflepuff Table.




For the main course we served bangers and mash and mini pot pies.

IMG_3050IMG_3058Dessert table – Complete with Golden Snitch Cupcakes and Bertie Bots every flavor beans.



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